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Ceramic Window Tint

The Benefits of Window Tint

Ceramic window tint provides the highest level of performance you expect from a top of the line automotive window tint.  It offers practical benefits that are unmatched by other tinting materials. It rejects the son heat and keeps the cabin cool. Ceramic tint blocks 99% of UV rays and maintains privacy inside the vehicle. We take window tinting to the next level by using a computer to cut all tint patterns and using the highest quality film on the market. Out of the hundreds of accessories available on the market for your vehicle today, automotive window tint is one of the best ones.


Price From



Price varies depending on the amount of windows that will be tinted. Let us know your specifications for a more accurate quote.


*2 Front Windows $250

*2 Front Windows & Rear Windows $400

*4 Side Windows & Rear windshield  $550

*6 Side Windows & Rear $650 

*8 Side Windows & Rear $800

*Windshield Tint $250 and Up.

*Sunroof Tint $150 and UP.

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Window film shade options

Get your car tinted

Rejects UV heat, infra-red heat and glare.


 Professionally done tinted windows can block a large percentage of harmful ultraviolet rays and protect your skin while driving.

Prevents damage to your dashboard and trims

Direct sunlight can also degrade the dashboard, leather, and trims inside your cabin, discoloring and fading it, and reducing the value of your vehicle’s interior.

Prevents shattering glass in an accident


Premium tint film can also protect your car windows from shattering in an accident. The film holds the glass together even after the window breaks, protecting you from glass cuts.

Superior heat rejection


On hot summer days, it reduces the heat produced by sunlight. Glass tint may reduce heat in your vehicle drastically, which is something worth considering.

Gives you better privacy against prying eyes into your cabin for valuables


Privacy of your vehicle is perhaps the most common reason to tint a car. Tinted windows limit prying eyes from looking inside.

Allows your vehicle to run more efficiently

By limiting temperature in your vehicle, your air conditioning may run more efficiently, allowing your car to cool much faster than in a non-tinted car.

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